Wednesday, February 13, 2013

47 Sleeps to Go (give or take a few)

The count down is on with just over 6 weeks to go until our intended departure date of early April.  Our intended voyage this time is:
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Lord Howe Island
  • New Caledonia
  • Vanuatu
  • Bundaberg
  • Brisbane

This is all should take around 7 months to complete!!

The jobs lists seems to be slowly be reducing although no sooner do we take one off the list than we add a new one but guess that is boats.  The biggest job that is still playing on our minds is the DAVITS!!  The SS tubing is all ordered and being bent as I type and we are hoping that will be ready tomorrow so that Craig (the SS genius) will be able to go to work and produce a wonderful structure to carry our new and much improved dinghy as well as the new BBQ (very important) the new Wind Generator (thanks Rick for all your help with this), the new 15HP Outboard and the new Fishing Reel.  Don't think it is going to be much of a trip without the DAVITS

Sally went up to Williamstown last week for her slip which all went very well and she is looking very clean and pretty at the moment.  We still have the normal polishing jobs still to be done but hoping young Matt will be able to find a day in his busy schedule to come down and cut & polish the decks for us *yay - keeping our fingers crossed*

Just can't wait to start the provisioning - the thought of stocking a boat with enough provisions / dry goods to last 2 to 3 people for around 4 months is kind of scary although we did have plenty of practice before we head off on our last adventure out to the Louisiades.
At least we have put together the proposed shopping list so that has to help.

This morning we had Noel down from Cool Factor charging the gas in the Air Conditioner and the next job this arvo is to send Mark up the mast (not an issue with the electric winch) to de-mount the old wind instruments and work out how to install the new ones.