Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Soccer Game on Independence Day - Lamen Bay

Watering Up

Washing Day

Aore Island Resort - Santo

Millennium Cave Tour - Santo

3 Wise Monkeys - Millennium Cave Tour

Our Guide - Millennium Cave Tour (note the floaty toy!)

Sally at Aore Island Resort

Aese Island - Santo


Just in case you swing by here again we have attached a few of our favourite photos from Vanuatu and the trip home

Listening to the Blues on HF radio

Independence Day at Lamen Bay

"Digicel" are everywhere - Port Sandwich, Malekula

Mr John Eddy(aka Small Namba)
Our guide to the waterfall at Banam Bay - Malekula

Rom Dancers at Fanla - Ambrym

James - Fanla

The new Red Dolphin is Hoisted
at Loltong Bay - Pentecost

Sally anchored at Loltong Bay

Custom Dancing at Asanvari YC - Maewo

Sparkling Waters Resort - Asanvari

Asanvari YC

Mahi Mahi - very yummy

Fuelling up at Lolowai - Ambae

Ronan and young Samson at Lolowai